Reflection 5: Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Israel-Palestine conflict can only be resolved with a two state solution. The main problem however, is discerning what the borders will be like. The most logical and reasonable decision when taking a quick glance would be to revert to the 1947 UN partition plan. However, in order to ensure the success of this plan, the United States must change to an impartial position. History has shown that the partition plan needs to be enforced by key players in the region, namely the US. The United States must use its position as a major supporter of Israel as leverage to ensure that absolutely no form of expansion is attempted. Even though the United States holds the key to the success of this plan, there also needs to be a plan put in place for a gradual decrease in involvement in the area. The US cannot be allowed to continue to hold such a heavy influence on the region. It is clear that so far the US has had no inclination to ensure that Israeli expansion is halted. Thus it is absolutely necessary once the solution plan is enacted that US involvement either halts or decreases significantly.

Along with changing the borders there also needs to be a plan put in place to help stimulate the Palestinian economy. This means that trade deals would have to be negotiated with bordering countries and the Mediterranean community. The success of a two-state plan relies on the participation of the neighboring nations and the international community.


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