Reflection 3

The evening concert by Massamba Diop was excellent. The music was performed with such energy and vigor that the entire room was getting involved. What I really found interesting was that the music did reflect some manner of arab music. The handout we had to read for today’s lecture talked about how in arab music percussion instruments often take the melody and different rhythms will sometimes be piled onto each other. This was shown in the concert, and I found it very pleasing to hear. The energy with which the concert was performed was incredible.

What was really cool though was the variety of instruments used during the concert. For example, one of the instruments used was an extremely small drum that rested on the performer’s shoulder. Interestingly enough, the musician was able to play this drum in such a way that it would emit a sound similar to that of a stringed instrument. Speaking of stringed instruments, another one of the instruments that I liked was a rather large stringed instrument that resembled a mix of a bass guitar and a harp.

With all the wonderful things I could say about the performance, I still feel as though something must be said about the audience. Throughout the entirety of the concert the audience maintained a timid air. Even when people eventually loosened up and began to participate, it still felt as though the incredible amount of energy coming from the performers made the audience feel nervous.

The concert in its entirety was a strange mix of musicians who gave their all to their performance and an audience that was not too sure how to deal with the energy of the concert.


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