Weekly Report 3

The musician Khaled, or Khaled Hadj Ibrahim, is from the Oran Province of Algeria. His most famous songs are titled “Didi”, “Aicha”, and “C’est la vie”. He first started his musical career at 14 years old, quickly becoming a musical prodigy. His most well known song, “Didi”, was an international hit that struck the world.

I first heard of Khaled in my high school French class. The teacher was playing the song “Aicha” and I remember just how unbelievably catchy the style of singing was. His songs manage to incorporate pop and jazz into a unique sounding tune that gets stuck in my head and never leaves. Khaled’s music style is a blend of rai, a traditional Algerian style of music, and western music styles such as jazz, blues, and pop.

Khaled has won an enormous number of awards for his music. Aicha, my favorite song of his, won Victoire de la Musique’s song of the year in 1997, and he won another award at the African Grammy’s for the same song. His most recent hit, “C’est la vie”, won him seven different awards. However, the feat I find the most amazing is that his song “Didi” made him more popular in India than even Michael Jackson. His music reaches to audiences from Pakistan to France.




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