Reflection 2

Dr. Deveny’s lecture was very interesting. I had previously known very little about the time period that was discussed. I had always known there was muslim influence in Spain, but I had never really been given a full-fledged lecture on  the time period. The highlight of the lecture was getting to listen to the music. I felt that Dr. Deveny was entirely correct when he said if you closed your eyes and listened you would find yourself in medieval Spain.

Another part of the lecture that I found particularly interesting was covering the time period when the Christians retook Spain. Hearing about how Muslim’s and Christians interacted in that time period was extremely interesting. Today was a very good start in educating the class about some medieval history. What I really am looking forward to learning about though is the Crusades. It has always been a great interest of mine.

Another fun aspect about today’s lecture was discussing the art and architecture of the cities in Spain. I found the use of goldfish and a mercury fountain as attractions in the cities was genius. I found that the aesthetic appeal of the cities was incredible. It sounded like they were coming straight from a story book.

I wish we had more time, however, to go over exactly just how the Christians managed to take back Spain. I would have liked to go more in depth about the developments that led to the reconquest of the region.


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