Weekly Report 1


This article states that the US succumbed to the Russian and Iranian wants and desires. It claims that “What Kerry is proposing to the opposition is the threat of a military takeover, in which the US will not intervene and will not help them to face.” It goes on to declare that the non-intervention policy held by the US is in fact an approval.

It goes on to claim that the United States used the situation in Syria as a way to further negotiations with Russia. Furthermore, the article claims that Russia wants to provoke the opposition to al-Assad into withdrawing from negotiations.

Reaction to article:

While I feel like this article was very concise and didn’t beat around the bush, I feel as though I either didn’t fully understand what was being said. What I definitely understood was that the article claimed that the US government’s actions showed no true intentions of assisting the Syrian people. I know very little on the situation in Syria, so I’m afraid I am unable to critique this article very effectively. All in all, I felt there was some truth to the allegations being made. I feel as though it is very possible that the US government would use such a tumultuous situation to further its negotiations with Russia. It seems very typical of our government to prioritize in such a manner.


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